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In the lower right corner of the image, the head of a man with dark hair and a mustache is seen from the back. He sits in an armchair, gazing up at a raven perched on the helmeted head of a white classical bust. The bust is placed atop the frame of a simplified door. A mass of quickly-drawn black slashes surround the raven, stretch down diagonally from the door frame into the space of the seated man.<br />
Signed recto, in plate, lower right, in image: "E. M."
Édouard Manet (French (culture or style))
Le Corbeau sur le Buste (The Raven on the Bust of Pallas Athena)
Museum Purchase

John Koch (American (North American))
Place Cards (one of eleven)
1918 – 1928
Gift of Augusta M. Dillman in memory of her husband, Theodore Dillman
This print is an abstracted image of a bird-like face with large round eyes. It appears behind a series of empty white lines and spaces that makes it look like it is peering out of a broken window or mirror. The woodcut is summarily carved, leaving a lot of texture in the blue, green, brown, white, and pink patches of color surrounding the face. 
Adja Yunkers (American (North American))
The Birdlover
Museum Purchase
This woodblock print depicts a white bird between a black area on the left and top right and orange bottom right. There is something like a cross in the upper right corner and an eye. The name Jose Ortega appears in the top left and "Grabados en madera" (woodcuts) in the lower right. 
José Ortega (Spanish (culture or style))
No es verdad
1952 – 1953
This vertically oriented drawing shows a person's head, leaning back with hair falling down the back, with a bird sitting on her lips. She is pictured in profile so the left side of her face is visible. She holds one hand up and another bird is sitting on a stick woven between her fingers.
Misch Kohn (American (North American))
Figure with Birds
Gift of Eva Ingersoll Gatling
This image builds up from a densely packed lower foreground, comprised of a tree and sloping rooftops littered with chimneys. A church tower, surrounded by birds, rises against a blank sky in the top center of the image, forming an overall pyramidal composition that leads the viewer&rsquo;s eye up. The roofs of the houses in the foreground seem to waver with unevenly laid shingles, indicating that this is an old village. The church tower combines a gothic-style rose window and pointed arches with rounded windows and a much less ornately ornamented belltower, all more characteristic of Romanesque and Renaissance styles than Gothic.<br />
The style of etching combines both precise descriptive detail and more summary, sketchy renderings.&nbsp;Title in pencil, lower left of margin. Signed and dated in pencil right of center below platemark: &quot;John Taylor Arms, 1932&quot;.
John Taylor Arms (American (North American))
Église Saint Gervaise, Gisors
Gift of the Marvin Felheim Collection
This is a drawing of a sailboat in water with birds flying overhead. This drawing is on tan paper and would have been used as a place card, such as at a dinner party.
John Koch (American (North American))
Place Card (one of eleven)
1918 – 1928
Gift of Augusta M. Dillman in memory of her husband, Theodore Dillman
This woodblock print depicts a standing man with his right hand over his chest and his left hand outstretched, holding a dead bird. A second man stands behind him but is eclipsed by the first except for a bit of his face and the gun he holds which protrudes toward the right. There is a live bird on the ground. The print is signed (l.c.) "9 Pepe Ortega" in pencil.
José Ortega (Spanish (culture or style))
circa 1952 – 1953
Museum Purchase
Abstract, planar representation of a bird resting on its back with its wings coming together just below its beak.
Henry Moore (British (modern))
1927 – 1949
Gift of Dr. & Mrs. Marvin E. Klein

Henri Gaudier-Brzeska
Two Penguins
1907 – 1917
Museum Purchase
This print shows a close-up of the eyes of a human face with a bird perched on its head, both of which seem to be encased in a large, furry coat, hat, or tree.
Leonard Baskin (American (North American))
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Stone
This drawing is a series of sketches, organized loosely in three registers: seven boxes in three uneven rows. In the top row there are two are sketches of men from the shoulders up wearing loose-necked, casual sweaters or shirts. The man in the first box wears a black beret. The third box is a sketch of a landscape with a bird perched on a railing. In the second and third rows there are two boxes. In each row, on the left there is a sketch of a rooster in front of a landscape, and on the right there is a sketch of a man from the shoulders up. The man in the bottom row (row three) wears a flat-topped hat. 
Milton Avery (American (North American))
Gift of the Lannan Foundation in Honor of the Pelham Family