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This painting shows a view of the Seine river in Paris, including the wooden bridge, the Pont de l'Estacade.  The foreground is filled is small boats and a dock winch, while the in the distance the bridge and buildings of Paris glow in late afternoon light.
Stanislas Victor Edouard Lépine
Pont de l'Estacade
1880 – 1885
Gift of the Estate of Mrs. Martin A. Ryerson
A group of figures stand in a market place flanked by brown and tan buildings under a freely-painted sky.  Most of these figures are women in the high linen headdresses characteristic of the region.  At center is a woman with a red jacket.
Eugène Boudin (French (culture or style))
Fish Market, Honfleur (Marché aux poissons)
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
A reduction featuring the raised image of a woman and man sitting at a table. The woman leans on the table and the man reads a paper.
Augustus Saint-Gaudens (American (North American))
Mildred and William Dean Howells
1897 – 1898
Gift of John H. Dryfhout (Rackham, 1966) in honor of the University's 200th Anniversary
The painting depicts a solitary male figure standing along the shore. The thin layers of paint evoke a misty, overcast day with the figure standing perhaps on a tidal flat.
James Abbott McNeill Whistler (American (North American))
Sea and Rain
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
This painting shows the interior of a rustic house with a stone floor and rough rock walls. In the center foreground, a woman is crouched beside a wooden cradle. She has her arms around a sleeping baby whose face is highlighted by a ray of sunshine coming from an open window. Household items hang from the rafters and there is a spinning wheel beside her. A dog sits by an open hearth on the left. The color scheme is predominantly tones of brown, except for her red scarf, green shirt and the bluish purple of the hills seen outside the window.<br />
John Phillip
The Highlander's Home (Sunshine in the Cottage)
Museum purchase made possible by the Alfred E. Pernt Memorial Fund in honor of Doctor of Technical Sciences Max H. J. Pernt and his wife Anna Pernt (née Mueller)
Bust-length white marble sculpture of a young female figure crowned with a plait of wheat and framed along the bottom with a wreath of sculpted acanthus leaves.
Hiram Powers
1844 – 1847
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Irving Levitt, in memory of Prof. David Huntington
Landscape painting of costal scene overlooking a body of water using an aerial perspective; three tree tops in center in darkened foreground in front of a glowing sky<br />
John Frederick Kensett
Sunset Near Darien
1867 – 1877
Anonymous Gift
Portrait of a woman with dark hair and fair skin seated in a chair wearing a blue dress amid a sparse background of blues, greens, and browns; her body is positioned at an angle towards the right, while she looks directly out at the viewer.<br />
Thomas Wilmer Dewing
Figure of a Girl in Blue (portrait of Miss Minnie Clark)
1887 – 1897
Gift of Mr. Raymond C. Smith
This painting depicts a quiet rural scene. A river runs from the foreground back into the distance, flanked on either side by green trees along the banks. A twilight sky dominates with salmon and blue hues. Ducks or geese fly just above the trees at right. A small figure fishing is visible on the left bank. The painting is signed and dated in paint (l.r.) "Daubigny 1870" (the date is somewhat obliterated).
Charles François Daubigny (French (culture or style))
Bequest of Carl F. Clarke
Bust-length figure of a woman with head turned proper left, down-turned eyelids and crescent moon atop head; executed in bronze with a rich, dark patina on a brownish stone base.<br />
Jean-Alexandre-Joseph Falguière
Bust of Diana
1877 – 1887
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Coleman Mopper
Landscape painting with green marshy field in foreground, a grouping of trees in the middle ground on right side of canvas, and blue sky with patches of soft clouds above.<br />
Charles Warren Eaton
Gift of Mr. Raymond C. Smith
Horizontal view of harbor scene with water, dock, and boats.  Small figures and trees on pier in middle ground.  WMC painted in green in lower right corner.<br />
William Merritt Chase (American (North American))
View of the Brooklyn Navy Yard
1886 – 1890
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hirschl
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