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A small polished bronze sculpture of a biomorphic form rising gracefully from a small base. Where it contacts the base, the form stands on two leg-like structures. The form rises from there, narrows, then opens up into a wider, more oblong shape at the top.
Hans (Jean) Arp (French (culture or style))
Little Torso No. 5 (Torse)
1930 – 1957
Gift of the Estate of Maxine W. Kunstadter in memory of Sigmund Kunstadter, Class of 1922
An elongated female nude figure with minimal features stands on a small rectangular base with left foot slightly forward. The metal has a texture resembling molten wax.
Alberto Giacometti;Fonderie d'Art Fonderie Susse (Swiss;French (culture or style))
Standing Figure
Museum Purchase
This abstract painting is primarily white with a large squarish area of dark green in the top left quadrant. Loose brushwork varies from wide, full strokes to the short, rapid strokes at the compositions center. Pigment application ranges from a very thin wash to heavy impasto.
Joan Mitchell (American (North American))
White Territory
1970 – 1971
Purchase assisted by the Friends of the Museum of Art and a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts
This is a brightly colored oil painting of a street scene. Buildings are depicted in pink, yellow, and white.  A lavender and blue sky with white and yellow clouds makes up the background. Two women stand in the lower left corner; another woman and a black dog are seen on the right side. The ground is made up of patches of white, yellow, pink, and blue.  Thick black outlines are used throughout and the paint has been applied in a very thick and factured manner. Traces of newspaper appear to have been laid on the painting while it was still wet and became stuck and are visible in the clouds at the top and in the white portion of the central building, just under the street lamp.
Beauford Delaney (American (North American))
Street Scene
Gift of Dr. James and Vivian Curtis

Larry Bell
Cube 10
Gift of the Kammi and Brad Reiss Family
A beach scene with sand in the foreground and large rocks in the background. The sky is a muddled combination of light blue and grey.
James Darrell Northrup Weeks
Green Sea
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Robertson
A biomorphically abstract sculpture of bronze. Bulbous at the bottom, the shape stretches and narrows in the middle and then expands into a larger shape from which two rounded points rise.
Hans (Jean) Arp;Fonderie d'Art Fonderie Susse (French (culture or style);French (culture or style))
Fruit Pré-adamite
Museum Purchase
Three birds, executed with spare line and simple form, are set within an abstracted landscape of bright yellows and oranges.
Max Ernst (German (culture or style))
At the Crossroads (En Rade)
Gift of the Estate of Maxine W. Kunstadter in memory of Sigmund Kunstadter, Class of 1922
screened print on glass colored with mirror silver and laminated, freestanding
Richard Hamilton
Oculist Witnesses
Gift of the Marvin Felheim Collection
Two forty-watt light bulbs in simple porcelain light sockets hang together by their extension cords from a nail on the wall.
Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Untitled (March 5th) #2
Museum purchase made possible by the W. Hawkins Ferry Fund

Laura Owens (American (North American))
Collection of Candace and Michael Barasch, courtesy of Gavin Brown's enterprise
An angular bottle executed in two tones of white stands tall just to the (viewer's) right of center. To its left is a stack of gray drinking cups. Irregular blocks of various sizes and colors make up the rest of the field.
Ben Nicholson (British (modern))
Still Life
Museum Purchase
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