Critical Realism

Three people stand against a dark blue sky. They are dressed in white robes and white hoods that completely cover their faces, except for small eye holes that are cut out. The white robes are stained with red streaks.
Chet Harmon La More
Ku Kluxers
lithograph on paper
9 7/16 in x 12 3/10 in (23.97 cm x 31.27 cm)
Allocated by the U.S. Government Commissioned through the New Deal art projects
In the foreground, there is a man laying on a large human-sized book, one hand on his chin and the other holding a pencil to the page. In front of his pencil, the text "Mendez" and "1945" is printed. On the pages of the book are a skeleten-creature and on the opposite page an angel. Behind the man and the book is a large cactus, and then a large cross rises from its base. The cross is encircled by a large snake-like creature whose head is open, facing away, and an eagle is crucified with knives. Coming from the ends of the cross are what seems to be spears, pointing clockwise. Behind this foreground scene, there is an army marching under a flag with the skull and crossbones. A priest follows behind the army, seemingly coming from the open mouth of the large serpent whose tail holds the feet of the crucified eagle. To the left there are two more crucified figures, whose crosses are on fire. In the far background, there is a vista of a large city. 
Leopoldo Méndez
Lo que puede venir
woodcut on paper
12 in x 6 15/16 in (30.48 cm x 17.62 cm);14 ¼ in x 10 ⅜ in (36.2 cm x 26.35 cm);22 ⅛ in x 18 ⅛ in (56.2 cm x 46.04 cm)
Museum Purchase
William Gropper
The Speaker
color lithograph on paper
22 1/16 in x 29 15/16 in (56.04 cm x 76.04 cm)
Gift of Jack A. and Noreen Rounick
The scene depicts a group of figures marching in the foreground from the left to the right of the composition. A thin sliver of land can be seen in the background. A man in the center carries a scythe over his shoulder. A woman in the center right carries a child on her back.
Käthe Kollwitz
The Weavers Cycle: March of the Weavers (from a set of 6 prints)
etching on paper
8 3/8 in x 11 5/8 in (21.27 cm x 29.53 cm);13 3/4 in x 19 15/16 in (34.92 cm x 50.64 cm)
Museum Purchase
Jacob Burck
The Lord Provides, from the "American Scene, Series 1"
lithograph on paper
12 x 9 in. (30.48 x 22.86 cm)
Museum Purchase


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