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Ôtsu-e: Warrior Monk of Mii Temple Tossing Armor

Accession Number

Ôtsu-e: Warrior Monk of Mii Temple Tossing Armor


Artist Nationality
Japanese (culture or style)

Object Creation Date
circa 1950-1989

Medium & Support
ink and color on paper

35 1/4 in. x 10 3/4 in. ( 89.6 cm x 27.3 cm )

Credit Line
Gift of Rudolf and Mary Arnheim

Subject matter
"Otsu-e were first painted in the early Edo Period (17th century) in Otsu City, Otani Oiwake district. The pictures which were painted by unknown artists were sold as souvenirs to travelers along the Old Tokaido Highway. As the pictures were first painted in the Otani, Oiwake district of Otsu they were originally known as Otani-e or Oiwake-e, however as times passed they gradually came to be called Otsu-e.
In the very beginning, Otsu-e were sold as religious paintings of Budda to be hung in the homes of the less wealthy as objects of worship. Later these pictures expanded into the realm of Ukiyo-e style painting, with pictures of beautiful women being very popular. The pictures which gained most popularity among them, were of a humorous or of satirical nature."

“Histroy of Otsu.” Otsu-e, www.otsue.jp/english/intro_his.html.

Physical Description
There is a warrior monk in the middle of the page holding black armor above his head, getting ready to toss it. There are a couple lines of writing above his head and a signature and two seals in the bottom right corner of the hanging scroll.

Primary Object Classification

Primary Object Type
figure painting

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