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Edwin and Mary Scheier
20th century
Gift of Professor Charles H. and Katharine C. Sawyer
A finely potted stoneware beaker with a rounded bottom and a lightly incised, freely drawn leaf scroll spreading across the widest part of the body, flanked by incised double horizontal lines, all covered evenly with an yellow green glaze. Four spur markes inside.
Annam;Kiln Unknown, Vietnam
Beaker with incised leaf scroll pattern
16th century
Gift of Helmut Stern
A rounded bowl, its lower two-thirds carved as a lotus blossom centered on the foot of the bowl, with two bands of double incised lines around the rim area. The pale yellow-brown glaze is worn in some areas. Five spur marks inside.
Annam;Kiln Unknown, Vietnam
Bowl with carved lotus petals design
16th century
Gift of Helmut Stern