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Side view of the Maison Carrée, a Roman temple, in Nîmes, France.
Em. Pec. (Pierre-Émile-Joseph Pécarrère) (French (culture or style))
Maison Carrée at Nîmes
Museum Purchase made possible by the Friends of the Museum of Art
Photograph of a large stone carving occupies the center of the image. Above is rough-cut stone, indicating that the carving is part of a larger stone setting; below is a recess and darkness, indicating that the carving acts as a kind of decorative lintel above a cave entrance. The carving itself consists of eight square zones (or metopes) and within each is a decorative pattern of radial symmetry (circles) or vegetative imagery. The frieze is located above the entrance to the Apostles' Retreat, Valley of Hinnom in Jerusalem.
Auguste Salzmann (French (culture or style))
Details of the Entrance Frieze of the Apostles' Retreat, Valley of Hinnom, Jerusalem
1854 – 1856
Museum purchase made possible by the Director's Acquisition Committee, 2014