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A 'mani' or prayer wheel, a common ritual object used in Tibetan Buddhism: a device made a handle (here a simple wooden stick) supporting a hollow cylindrical drum on a spindle. A small metal weight, attached to one one side of the drum with a cord, allows the wheel to spin with a slight rotation of the wrist. The drum in his case is of hammered metal, with incised patterns of Buddhist auspicious symbols.
Tibetan (Tibetan (culture or style))
Prayer Wheel (Mani Wheel)
1833 – 1932
Gift of the Estate of Maxine W. Kunstadter in memory of Sigmund Kunstadter, Class of 1922

Tibetan;Nepali (Tibetan (culture or style))
Tantric icon in portable case
19th century
Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Yale Ginsburg

Short Sword
20th century
Gift of Susan B. and John F. Ullrich