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This hanging scroll depicts a female figure sitting against a blank background. She wears multiple layers of kimono. Her hair is black and long, and her face white. She is watching a spider, descending from ceiling; her arms are extending in front as if she is trying to catch it. A screen of white and brown fabric is on her right, and an oil lamp with flame is on the other side. Three rolls of paper are placed in front of her. The artist's signature and seal are on the left lower corner.<br /><br />
The painting is mounted on light blue brocade with designs of auspicious characters and objects, including treasures, double gourds, and the character for “longevity". The sides are made of golden brocade, but the gold foil is almost worn out.<br /><br />
Warm holes on the upper right side, some small stains and dark lines on the top and near the face of the figure. Two repaired damages on the lower right corner. Some warm holes on the mounting as well. The wooden scroll bar is black lacquered.
Tosa Mitsuoki (Japanese (culture or style))
Portrait of Princess Soto'ori
1650 – 1699
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Province M. Henry
Shown is a complex of temple building on a lakeside. There is a small grouping of buildings on the opposite side of the lake to the left and there is a long building that runs along the right side of the lake with a passage-way to the docks on which is the end of the building. Surrounding the temple complex are pine trees, cliffs, and mist. On the bottom right of the painting is the Seal of Shūbun which lets&nbsp;us know that this is a Shūbun style ink-painting.
Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Lakeside Temple (Landscape in Shûbun style)
1467 – 1532
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Province M. Henry
There are two scholars playing the board game Go on a cliffside and by a waterfall. One scholar is facing toward us and wearing blue, while the other scholar is facing away from us and wearing white. There is a stone path leading down, a tree hanging above them, a mountainside in the background from which the waterfall comes from, and mist coming from the waterfall.
Maruyama Ōkyo
Scholars Playing Go by a Waterfall
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Province M. Henry
A man in red armor is sitting cross-legged on a green mat. Behind him to the left, there is a table with a gold dragon on top. Behind him on the wall, there is an inscription.
Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Portrait of a Warrior (Minamoto no Yoritomo)
17th century
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Province M. Henry
The composition is a well-established type: a complex of temple buildings is tucked into a mountainside, on the shore of a broad body of water, with mists rising to obscure the distant peaks. The artist provides a path leading from the viewer’s space to the temple. Two travelers go before us, a hooded figure riding a donkey over a rustic bridge, and another man striding along on foot, further ahead. The temple buildings themselves are hidden behind thick foliage, as if protected from the secular world.Here the forms of the rocky outcroppings, the trees, and even the mountains are starkly outlined, and there are strong contrasts of light and dark. These features suggest that this is a work of by a professional Kanô School artist, probably of the seventeenth century.
Kanō School
Temple in the Mountains
17th century
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Province M. Henry