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This double-leaf print depicts two camels and accompanying foreign trainers or performers in fringed clothing, with ballooning pants and dark boots.  Some of the performers play instruments, while others tend to the camels.  Above both pages is writing by calligrapher Santô Kyôden describing the camels and their tour of Japan around 1821.
Utagawa Kuniyasu
Museum purchase for the Paul Leroy Grigaut Memorial Collection

Utagawa Kuniyasu
Two unidentified actors in a scene from a parody (mitate): Man and Woman in Night Snow
1800 – 1832
Gift of Sarah and Otto Graf.

Utagawa Kuniyasu
Bandô Mitsugorô [III] as ... Yamauba (a female dance role)
1815 – 1831
Gift of Dr. James Hayes

Utagawa Kuniyasu
Iwai Kumesaburô [II] as the shinzô [courtesan-in-training] ...
1815 – 1832
Gift of Dr. James Hayes
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