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In this monumental scroll, Nukina Kaioku has brushed a Chinese poem of his own composition, on the enduring theme of nature as refreshment for the spirit.  Note his masterful variation of thick and thin strokes, wet and dry ink, stately and rapid movement.<br />The verses may be tentatively rendered into English as follows:<br />   Mandarin ducks enjoy the fresh water; their graceful forms glow as they pass through channels in the reeds.<br />   Pushing beyond the thickets [to the open pond], they call to one another again and again in the dawn.<br />   A crimson mist breaks through gaps in the glade, its glow warming hidden nests.<br />   Waking up with nothing to do, [I came here] to playfully row among the spring waves.
Nukina Kaioku
Calligraphy: Watching Ducks on a Spring Morning
1840 – 1863
Museum purchase made possible by the Margaret Watson Parker Art Collection Fund
Painted on a hanging scroll, containing imagery of mountains, buildings, trails, trees, a lake, and an inscription in the upper right corner. The trees are painted in green ink while the rest is in black ink. The inscription has three red stamps with one on the upper right and two following on the left. The painting has three main sections. The bottom section has trees, rocks, 5 buildings, and a small bridge on the right. Between the first and second sections appears to be a lake. The second section in the middle has trees, rocks, and more buildings. Between the second and third sections appears to be fog. In the third upper section is three mountain peaks topped with trees and a mountain is shown behind them. The inscription above is 6 lines of vertical writing.&nbsp;
Nukina Kaioku
Visualization of the poem, 'Lake, Mountain, Willow Tree and Mist'
1800 – 1866
Museum purchase made possible by a gift from Helmut Stern