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A large, Gothic ruin dominates the scene.  The west portal of a large church stands with full light, from the left, illuminating its portal.  Along its second story ivy grows across the facade while trees cluster in the L-shaped angle toward the right and other vegetation is evident along the roofline of the structure.  Several women enter through the main doorway of the building.  A stone wall encircles the structure and two houses occupy the land immediately to the left of the church ruin.  In the foreground a lane leads past the church with a man leading a black horse and a running hound  in the right foreground, and a figure with its back to the viewer is visible at the left foreground.  Behind the scene, dark, wind-swept clouds indicate a recent storm that has now passed, allowing golden light to suffuse the landscape.
James Ward
Tintern Abbey
Museum purchase made possible by a gift from Helmut Stern