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Three men standing next to wooden barrels, town scene with a steeple behind. One man has a rifle over his shoulder, hand on hip. The other has a foot against one of the barrels.
Hans Sebald Beham
The Sentinel at the Powder Keg [Die Schildwache bei den Puluerfässern]
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink
This engraving depicts a frieze-like arrangement of figures in horizontal format. Two central figures are engaged in a duel on horseback. Several other nude male figures are engaged in battle throughout the composition. The artist's monogram is placed in the upper left corner of the image.
Hans Sebald Beham
Achilles and Hector
1518 – 1530
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink

Hans Sebald Beham
Two Couples and the Fool
Gift of J. Frederick Hoffman

Hans Sebald Beham
Judith Seated in an Arch
Museum purchase made possible by the W. Hawkins Ferry Fund

Hans Sebald Beham
The Betrayal of Christ, No. 3 of the Series of 8 Prints from "The Passion"
Gift of Carl Fredric Clarke

Hans Sebald Beham
The Prodigal Son Wasting His Substance
Gift of Jean Paul Slusser
This small print depicts an ornamental pattern composed of curled acanthus leaves and spiralling vines terminating in flowers or buds. The plant ornament forms a symmetrical pattern around a central motif inscribed with the initials "HSB," which are conjoined. This motif is framed by two horn-shaped containers that end in monsters' heads.
Hans Sebald Beham
16th century
Museum Purchase