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In this vertical print we see what is presumably a family group of harlequins. At the back is a tall man in a pointed hat, wearing a mask with an elongated nose, playing a guitar. In front of him is a seated woman breastfeeding a baby. Next to her is a young adult or a child standing and gesturing to her with his right hand. He is holding an instrument and wearing a diamond checkered costume. 
Gino Severini (Italian (culture or style))
Die Familie des Harlekin
1922 – 1923
Museum Purchase
An explosion of colorful forms suggests the human form in dynamic movement. Yellows and reds predominate in shapes that draw the eye toward the viewer's upper right where three roughy triangular yellow shapes suggest a head and upraised arms.
Gino Severini (Italian (culture or style))
Dancer (Danseuse)
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Kripke

Gino Severini (Italian (culture or style))
Pas de Deux
20th century
Museum Purchase