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A skeleton chasing a woman who is holding on to a piece of clothing that she was wearing, while her bra is also being torn off of her body. The woman has a very scared look on her face as she is trying to get away.
Eli Levin
Skeleton Chasing Woman
Gift of Stephen and Bettina Pollock
Scene of three nude people (two women, one man) and a skeleton in a room next to a bathroom that is sketched on the left hand side of the scene. The skeleton is wrapping itself around the younger woman while the older woman, in darker and more opaque colors tries to free her. The man in the back is depicted as much smaller and week, lagging behind.
Eli Levin
Death in the Family
Gift of Stephen and Bettina Pollock
A black etching on white paper of two people on a bed making love. There are shoes underneath the bed on the left hand side of the scene and strewn about clothing on the right side.
Eli Levin
Couple Making Love
Gift of Stephen and Bettina Pollock