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A bearded man, wearing only a crown of thorns, a loincloth, and a long robe, stands stooped and sorrowful at the top of a short flight of steps. A man wearing a pointed cap and holding a scepter in his left hand emerges from the doorway behind him and points toward him with his right hand. A riotous crowd, full of grimacing and leering faces, stands on the steps and ground below. A column and a bundle of switches appear through the window behind the crowned figure. A small snarling dog appears in the foreground next to the steps where the artist's initials "M + S" are inscribed.
Martin Schongauer
Ecce Homo (Passion Series)
1475 – 1485
Museum Purchase
Print trimmed to image frame line. Paper repaired along the right edge of the print. Paper size: h 24 7/10cm x tw 18 3/5cm & bw 18 4/5cm.
Albrecht Dürer
Saint Jerome in His Chamber
Gift of Ruth W. and Clarence J. Boldt, Jr.
A rectangular wooden box containing ceramic, rubber, and bronze wishbones encased in felt. A lithographed felt card rests on top of the wishbones. The text on the felt card reads: Wish #1 Wish # 2 Wish #3. The box top is engraved with "III" on the front. 
Lorna Simpson (American (North American))
Gift of The Peter Norton Family Foundation
This etching, in a pale blue, brown and gray color scheme, depicts an outdoor scene with a large Roman style building and several human figures in the foreground. One giant wall, with two large arches, with semi-circular apses behind, crosses the middle section of the composition from left to right. It intersects a massive building that has a series of vaulted chambers. Both structures have crumbling stonework and overgrown vegetation. There are several groups of women in the foreground on both sides of a river. Some are in the water washing laundry and some are standing with wash hanging on lines. There is a small dog on the shore.
Jean-François Janinet
La Villa Madama
Museum Purchase