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A stone cottage in the middle of a valley. There are mountains behind it on either side. The farthest one is snow covered.
Ilse Bing (American (North American))
Stone Cottage
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. James Agah, Class of 1989 (BBA)
Three figures stand in the bottom left corner.  The image is mostly tan and light blue except very dark in the center.  The blue horizon line is in the top third of the image stretching from a cityscape on the left side to a sweeping hill on the right side. There is a small moon in the middle at the very top of the image.
Joseph Mallord William Turner
Moon over Lausanne
Gift of Helmut Stern
Photographed from ground level, this image depicts a wide view of a valley floor surrounded by tall cliffs on either side.
Carleton Emmons Watkins (American (North American))
Down the Valley, Yosemite, California
1855 – 1866
Gift of Margaret and Howard Bond
Mountains and a cloudy, dark sky from a valley.
Ilse Bing (American (North American))
Stormy Valley
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. James Agah, Class of 1989 (BBA)
Wooden footbridge in a mountain valley.
Ilse Bing (American (North American))
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. James Agah, Class of 1989 (BBA)
A waterfall in a valley. Large mountains on the left hand side.
Ilse Bing (American (North American))
Waterfall and Valley
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. James Agah, Class of 1989 (BBA)
A village situated in a mountain valley. There is a picket fence in the foreground.
Ilse Bing (American (North American))
Mountain Village
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. James Agah, Class of 1989 (BBA)
The foreground is trees which frame, in the distance, a church-like structure.  On the right are two tree trunks with little foliage. The left side from the bottom and halfway up is darkened area.  There are 3 distinguishable trees near the center of the image that are full of foliage. Just to the right of those trees is a tree just as big as the church-like structure.;
Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot
Near Rome (Environs de Rome)
Museum Purchase
This photograph depicts an aerial view of a valley with a dome-shaped mound. 
Marilyn Bridges (American (North American))
Cinder Cone, Andagua Valley, Peru
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. James Agah, Class of 1989 (BBA)
A framed painting of a nude woman posed as if reclining against rocks in a small stream.  The landscape she is in looks like a mountain valley; on either side of the painting are tall cliffs that come together as a river valley in the middle.  The sky is dark and full of dark clouds, but in the distance rays of sunlight break through them to illuminate the distant cliffs and river.
Albert Sterner (American (North American))
Nude in a Landscape
Gift of Clan Crawford, Jr.
The top third of the landscape image is the sky with two tower-structures silhouetted on the far right side.  There is a structure in the middle of the image with a bridge connecting the cliffs.  The bottom right corner of the image is darker and more blue than the rest.
Joseph Mallord William Turner
Gift of Helmut Stern
This photograph depicts an aerial view of a spire rock structure casting a long shadow on the surrounding desert.
Marilyn Bridges (American (North American))
Spire, Monument Valley
Gift of Will and Joanne Potter
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