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"In these vessels pigments were applied within the lines of a pattern incised into the slip, and then the interior was covered with a colorless glaze and the exterior with a yellow-brown one." (pg. 38)
Iranian (Iranian)
Bowl with abstract design, glazed in imitation of Chinese sancai ware
13th century
Museum Purchase
"A Persian inscription is incised into the broad band of lustre decorating the vessel's rim. The main element in the decoration is a loosely drawn eight-pointed star from which a further series of eight- and sixteen-pointed stars are generated; beyond them are registers filled with medallions and cartouches. This structure, unusual in ceramic decor, is reminiscent of that found on metalwork vessels of this same period from Iran."<br />
Iranian (Iranian)
Bowl with radial design and inscribed rim
1200 – 1232
Museum purchase made possible by the Margaret Watson Parker Art Collection Fund