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In the forefront both men and women are dipicted as watching the concert.  One man has his head resting on his hand.  At the center of the piece lies the orchestra, and more prominently the conductor.  The stage is surrounded by curtains.
Max Liebermann (German (culture or style))
The Concert
1847 – 1935
Museum Purchase
This print shows a corner of the interior of a theater. A small part of the stage is visible, and two performers stand on the stage. To the left, engulfing the view of the stage, the balconies wind from the lower right to the upper left and fill the top third of the print. The audience is portrayed as dark strokes of seated figures that are not detailed or well defined. The audience sits in darkness.
Oda Kazuma
In the Imperial Theater (Teigeki nite)
Gift of the artist, through Mr. and Mrs. Yoshito Yamamoto
At the center of the print, a figure leans forward with her arms outstretched and one leg pointed behind. The figure wears a large, puffy skirt, with a sleevless top—she is a ballerina. The background is dark and sketchy, and the figure is outlined in strong black lines.
Edgar Degas (French (culture or style))
Danceuse sur scène, salutant
1891 – 1892
Gift of Ruth W. and Clarence J. Boldt, Jr.
A group people lounging—some sitting, some standing—on a low stage.
Garry Winogrand (American (North American))
1961 – 1971
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Kenyon
This is an image of two men, one standing behind the other, who is kneeling. Both wear matching clothes: black and white trousers, black socks, and multi-colored robes with a bulls-eye crest.  Behind them is a raised platform, decorated with multi-colored lotus flowers and blue and white tiles.<br />
 <br />
This is the center panel of a triptych (with 2011/2.191.1 and 2011/2.191.3).<br />
 <br />
Inscriptions: Toyokuni ga (Artist's signature); Yamaguchi Tōbei (Publisher's seal); Hama and Kinugasa (Censor's seals)
Utagawa Kunisada (Toyokuni III) (Japanese (culture or style))
Celebratory Soga for the New Year: Ichimura Uzaemon XII and Ichikawa Kodanji IV as the Mechanical Performance Announcers Kakichi and Shodanji
Gift of Sharlynn and Andrew Circo, in memory of Sotokichi Katsuizumi
In this print a man wearing a black robe with white crests fends off a red umbrella. Behind him the landscape is covered in snow with a few trees visible.<br /><br />
This is a center piece of a triptych (with 2003/1.473.1 and 2003/1.473.2).<br /><br />
Inscriptions: Chūbei; Toyokuni ga (Artist's signature); Hori take (Carver's seal); aratame, tora 9 (Censor's seals)<br />
Utagawa Kunisada (Toyokuni III) (Japanese (culture or style))
First Snowfall on the Lovers' Journey to His Hometown: Kataoka Gadō II as Chūbei
Gift of Dr. James Hayes
The man in the front wears a blue robe with brown stoles. He carries a red umbrella in both hands. Behind and above him are two men wearing blue stoles over black robes. Both men hold instruments.<br /><br />
This is a ccenter piece of a triptych (with 2003/1.473.1 and 2003/1.473.3).<br /><br />
Inscriptions: Magoemon; Toyokuni ga (Artist's siganture); hori take (Carver's seal); Kichi, Isekane (Publisher's seal); aratame, tora 9 (Censor's seals)<br />
Utagawa Kunisada (Toyokuni III) (Japanese (culture or style))
First Snowfall on the Lovers' Journey to His Hometown: Bandō Kōsaburō IV as Magoemon
Gift of Dr. James Hayes
The woman in the front of this print wears a purple robe with fans on it and an orange sash. Her hair is decorated with pins and combs, and she holds a piece of paper in her hand. Behind and above her, three men are seated in black robes with blue stoles. Each has a bookstand in front of him.<br />
 <br />
This is a left piece of a triptych (with 2003/1.473.2 and 2003/1.473.3).<br /><br />
Inscriptions: Umekawa; Toyokuni ga (Artist's signature); hori take (Carver's seal); (Publisher's seal obscured); aratame, tora 9 (Censor's seals)<br /><br />
Utagawa Kunisada (Toyokuni III) (Japanese (culture or style))
First Snowfall on the Lovers' Journey to His Hometown: Iwai Kumesaburō III as Umegawa
Gift of Dr. James Hayes
Print featuring a stage with a figure of a man with his feet touching his head while doing a handstand on a small table flanked by two chairs.  His large shadow is cast on the wall behind him.  The head and hands of a conductor are visible in the lower right.
Erich Heckel (German (culture or style))
Museum Purchase