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Close-up view of two dogs, one fully outfitted in a canine spacesuit, the other with face and front paws uncovered. 
Dmitri Baltermants (Russian (culture or style))
Mishka the Space Dog is Being Dressed, While Tsyganka the Other Space Dog is Already Dressed
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. James Agah, Class of 1989 (BBA)
Photograph of a man on a sidewalk leaning against a wall adjacent to a storefront window, which displays a space suit. 
Joel Meyerowitz (American (North American))
Rockefeller Center
Gift of Selma & Gerald Lotenberg
Photograph depicting two men engaged in calisthenics, using their joined hands and connected knees to pull away from each other. In the background a man lies on the same wooden deck, while another man clothed in a towel can be seen in the background of the image.
André Kertész (American (North American))
My Brothers
1919 – 1980
Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Edward M. Strauss
This photograph depicts a middle-aged man in a suit seated with his dog. The two figures sit inside a domestic space.
Alen MacWeeney (New Ireland)
John Grogan, A Patriot and His Dog, Ireland
1965 – 1966
Gift of Carl W. Melcher