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A  woman sits in an interior holding a book in her right arm, which is propped upon a ledge. She reads by the light of a torch held by a child standing next to her. Print trimmed to image frame. Image was previously folded at center (multiple folds). Paper size: lh 27 3/5cm & rh 27 4/5cm x tw 22 3/5cm bw 22 3/10cm.
Ugo da Carpi
Sibyl with a Child Holding a Torch
Gift of Ruth W. and Clarence J. Boldt, Jr.
Creating a border, there is a large blue cylinder and a smaller yellow circle, with red border toward the middle right of the work. The last color object is a small green dot above the red-yellow circle. Throughout the work, there are black dots and markings. Creating a kind of pitchfork, there is a large black line drawing that follows three of the sides of the blue border. At the top, there is a simple starburst design in black (under the blue). In the bottom left, there is a small line drawing, resembling a bird. At the top of the print, there seems to be a residual hand print of the artist in black.
Joan Miró (Spanish (culture or style))
Le Prophète
Gift of Dr. Seymour and Barbara K. Adelson
A woman wearing long robes sits holding a pen in her right hand and props up a blank tablet in her lap. A putto helps support the table from behind and points toward the seated figure. A pot of ink with another pen appears next to his foot.
Bartolomeo Coriolano (Italian (culture or style))
Sibyl Seated with Tablet
17th century
Gift of J. Frederick Hoffman