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Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
17th century
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker

Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
17th century
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker

Etienne de Lavallée-Poussin
Design for a Painted Wall Panel
1733 – 1793
Museum Purchase

Vertical panel
1762 – 1763
Museum purchase made possible by the Margaret Watson Parker Art Collection Fund
An angel, holding a scepter in his left hand and making a gesture of speech with his right, interrupts the Virgin at her reading. She kneels on the floor and rests her left hand on an open book placed atop a lectern. A vase with a flowering lily sits on the floor between the angel and the Virgin and a small white dove encircled by a halo hovers between them. The scene unfolds within an elaborate and richly decorated interior that includes a chair and canopied bed in the background.
Artist Unknown, Antwerp School, Belgium
1515 – 1525
Gift of Prof. and Mrs. Charles H. Sawyer
At the cener of this panel, there is a portrait bust of a man painted over another image of a figure. The man stares directly out at the viewer; he has short brown hair and wears a blue shirt. Only the top of the forehead and a little of the clothing at the bottom are visible of the figure beneath. The panel is rough, covered with a thin layer for grey paint, and covered in nails and nail holes.
Robert Priseman (British (modern))
René Crevel
Gift of the artist
There is a pine tree, we can clearly see the roughness of the bark. Above the tree in s hawk that if flying downwards toward the tree. Behind the tree, there is a lotus pond and stretches until the mountain which if further in the distance. There is a little mist in front of the mountains. Surrounding this picture is a green and gold border.<br />
<br />
Kanō School
Bird of Prey and Lotus Pond
17th century
Gift of Mr. Joseph U. Seo
This sculptural mixed-media consists of three long, narrow panels supporting plexiglass elements. The first has transparent plexiglass with brown geometric shapes on it as well as broken glass or plexiglass rods, and painted blue, green, and red dashed lines on the plexiglass. The second, shorter panel is black and glossy with six black matte squares on it. Red, orange, green, and blue abstract shapes are layered underneath the squares. The third, narrower, panel is transparent with eight square sections, some covered with an opaque material. There are also abstract designs that are primarily black, with some green and orange.
Milton Cohen
Paper Collage with Slide Projection
1953 – 1963
Gift of Gerome Kamrowski
This charming painting depicts a young courtesan out on parade, dressed in a simple but striking costume. Her black cloak (uchikake) is decorated with a discreet overall pattern of plovers, and allowed to fall open to reveal its bright red lining. She subtly advertises her occupation by tying her sash (obi) in front. The hanging scroll is bordered with gold. The is an inscription in the lower&nbsp;right corner.<br />
<br />
Exhibited in &quot;Japanese Costumes &amp; Ceramics, Past &amp; Present,&quot; October 2001-February 2002. Maribeth Graybill, Senior Curator of Asian Art
Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Courtesan Beneath a Willow Branch
1740 – 1750
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. C.D. Carter
A panel portrait of two men and two women. One man plays a mandolin while the other watches one of the women. The woman he is watching is standing by the table and holding a dog. The second woman is sitting next to the mandolin player and reading.
Caspar Netscher
The Music Lesson (Musikalishe Unterhaltung)
1660 – 1670
Gift from the Collection of Mr. & Mrs. Heydon