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The unglazed jug has a bulbous body with a narrow neck which is half the height of the body. A slight bulging occurs midway up the neck. A handle is joined to the neck below the lip and extends to the shoulder of the body. <br /><br />
A <em>Naskhi</em> Arabic inscription, worked in barbotine technique against a background of unordered small bosses and open circles, runs around the upper part of the body. <br />
Iranian (Iranian)
Jug, narrow neck, single handle, band of decorative inscriptions at shoulder
900 – 1199
Museum Purchase
This Kashan style bowl from the Seljuk period in Iran features eight brown interior bands. The cobalt blue bands have white inscriptions in Naskhi-style calligraphy radiating from the center to the lip of the bowl. The exterior contains delicate floral stalk decorations. The presence of excrescences on the interior may determine that this bowl was used for waste.<br />
Iranian (Iranian)
Bowl with calligraphic inscriptions and floral designs
13th century
Museum purchase