18 UMMA Objects
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This small sculpture consists of a black rectangular base with spools on it, all spray painted black. A red wooden pole is sticking out of the center of the base and is holding up a thin red platform, with additional spools and a bright red ball on top. Multiple rubber belts are threaded among the spools on both the red and black elements.
Gordon Newton (American (North American))
Model No. 30183
Gift of H. David Zucca
This mixed media assemblage has a series of see-through panels hanging from a wooden frame with a lightbox at the back. On the hanging panels, there are photographs printed, with a variety of images of buildings, sculpture, and advertising.
Robert Rauschenberg;Gemini G.E.L. (American (North American);American (North American))
Sling-Shots Lit #6
This sculpture has a rectangular metal base supporting a gray stone and bronze rod, which together support a curved rectangular bronze element. A yellow glass wheel with a square radial and protruding dimples tops the work. 
Herb Babcock (American (North American))
Pillared #5
Gift of Carol Wilke in honor of Manuel and Joan Jacobs
Blue anodized aluminum with two laser-cut abstract shapes and orange, yellow, and white screen-printed designs based on the shape of the floorplan of the UM Duderstadt Center.
Sam Gilliam (American (North American))
Sample Anodized Aluminum with Screenprint
1996 – 2008
Transfer from the University of Michigan Art, Architecture and Engineering Libraries

Brenda Goodman
Mother Fear Mother Dear
Gift of Brenda Goodman in honor of Gertrude Kasle
White rectangular anodized aluminum plate with two laser-cut abstract designs, and white, yellow, and blue screen-printed designs. The white designs reference the shape of the floorplan of the UM Duderstadt Center. 
Sam Gilliam (American (North American))
Sample Anodized Aluminum with Screenprint
1996 – 2008
Transfer from the University of Michigan Art, Architecture and Engineering Libraries

Susan Rothenberg
Gift of Gertrude and Leonard Kasle

Gerome Kamrowski (American (North American))
Gift of Mary Jane Kamrowski
At the center of the scene, there are three figures carrying instruments. Below and above, three building-tops are depicted. The central figures are painted in shades of blacks and browns, while the buildings are painted in shades of yellow, orange, beige, black and blue. The background is beige and yellow, and painted on found board and mounted on wooden planks.
Purvis Young (American (North American))
Three Guitar Players
1992 – 2002
Gift of The Daniel and Harriet Fusfeld Folk Art Collection
This lithograph is a combination of approximately nine photographs including some of ducks, a train, train tracks, a utility pole, lace, and windows in green, yellow, black, and white.
Robert Rauschenberg (American (North American))
5:29 Bay Shore
Gift of Gertrude Kasle
This sculptural mixed-media consists of three long, narrow panels supporting plexiglass elements. The first has transparent plexiglass with brown geometric shapes on it as well as broken glass or plexiglass rods, and painted blue, green, and red dashed lines on the plexiglass. The second, shorter panel is black and glossy with six black matte squares on it. Red, orange, green, and blue abstract shapes are layered underneath the squares. The third, narrower, panel is transparent with eight square sections, some covered with an opaque material. There are also abstract designs that are primarily black, with some green and orange.
Milton Cohen
Paper Collage with Slide Projection
1953 – 1963
Gift of Gerome Kamrowski
This painting is created from a found wooden board with a textured surface. Attached are staples and paper, and it is painted all-over in an off-white. There are paint globs in some areas. At the center, there is a black line painting of a figure with his arms outstretched to the side.
Sam Mackey (American (North American))
Gift of H. David Zucca