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This is known as a pear shaped bottle vase with widely everted mouth, narrow neck that makes it easy to grasp and a round globular body that is bottom heavy. Some lines encircle the body and neck. The foot is rather high.<br />
<br />
Many bronze bottles such as the above two have been excavated from Goryeo tombs built between the twelfth and fourteenth centuries along with celadon vessels. This type of bottle with a long neck and widely flared mouth was also produced in celadon during the Goryeo period. The surfaces of both bottles are severely rusted, while the lower part of the bottles are damaged and perforated. The bottles have five rideges formed by attaching folded copper sheets. The foot of each bottle was made separately from a separate sheet of metal and attached later.
<p>[Korean Collection, University of Michigan Museum of Art (2017), 243]</p>
Korean (Korean (culture or style))
Pear-Shaped Bottle
1100 – 1299
Gift of Bruce and Inta Hasenkamp and Museum purchase made possible by Elder and Mrs. Sang-Yong Nam
A collage of buildings and people. A speech bubble says, "My City." ONe image is of Godzilla.
Jakob Kolding
My City
Museum Purchase

Flemish (Flemish (culture or style))
Kneeling Angel Holding a Shield
15th century
Museum Purchase
This elaborate sword has a short main shaft that splits at its end into two opposite directions, forming two blades that curve slightly downward. In the middle of the shaft are two small stems that curve upward with leaf-life formations at their tips. The handle is ivory. On one side of the blade is the following inscription: FOROVRO. On the other side is: ODRUFA
Mangbetu (Mangbetu)
Double Sickle Knife
20th century
Gift of Susan B. and John F. Ullrich

Lusitania Medal
1914 – 1954
Gift of Cornelius C. Vermeule
A knife with a leaf shaped blade. Running vertically down the center of the blade is a gridded square pattern. The handle is also engraved with lines that wrap around the entire handle. 
Kuba (Kuba (Democratic Republic of Congo style))
1895 – 1905
Gift of Asher and Vera Margolis
This blade has a long wooden handle. At the top of the handle is a ribbed section before an engraved top. Inserted in and protruding from the top is a long, thin blade.  
Mossi (Mossi)
20th century
Gift of Susan B. and John F. Ullrich
This sword has a long blade with a tri-pointed tip. The center of the blade has a ridge running the length of it. The wooden handle has a V-shaped top.
Mbun (Mbun)
Short Sword
20th century
Gift of Susan B. and John F. Ullrich
The wood handle of this sword is wrapped in metal wire and embellished with a design of two stacked discs. The cutting edge of the sword runs along the length of one side. The cutting edge is made up of three half circles with the last and largest half circle forming a large, pointed hook. 
Ngombe (Ngombe)
Execution Sword
20th century
Gift of Susan B. and John F. Ullrich
Ink painting on paper of footed vase or jar with design.  Calligraphic text is to the right of the image, most likely a signature.
Hamada Shōji
Drawing of a jar
Gift of the Ann Arbor Potters Guild
A bronze statue in the shape of a peacock, this piece has engraved decorations and is made in the Seljuk style of metalwork.
Iranian (Iranian)
12th century
Museum Purchase

Albert Kahn (American (North American))
Lock Plate Doge's Palace Venice; Fragment of Mosaic Floor in Cathedral
Transferred from the College of Architecture and Design, 1972—Gift of the Family of Albert Kahn: through Dr. Edgar A. Kahn; Mrs. Barnett Malbin; Mrs. Martin L. Butzel
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