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An engraving depicting a man sitting below an apple tree and conversing with a human-headed serpent. He is observed by a woman in drapery and a man who appears to be running away. In the distance there is a large fortified city.
Marcantonio Raimondi (Italian (culture or style))
Serpent Speaking to a Young Man
1500 – 1515
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink

Giovanni Rovere
St. Michael Overcoming Satan
1575 – 1640
Gift through the Estate of Edward Sonnenschein
In this print we see a three-quarter length portrait of a woman holding a large vase. She holds the vase to her left with her right arm stretching across her torso to secure it. She wears a beaded necklace and a dress with a pleated skirt and her hair falls behind her shoulder on the left. The belly of the vase is decorated with a large black diamond and the neck and rim with two solid and one dashed horizontal lines. The background also includes several horizontal and vertical lines. A thin border has been drawn around the whole scene.
Fernand Léger (French (culture or style))
Femme au Vase
Bequest of Florence L. Stol
An album of 28 pages. Cover is brown with a faded image at the center, possibly of leaves on an off-white background. The inside of the album primarily contains hand-written text, though some of the text has faded images in the background, and some of the pages are completely images. The first page depicts a seated man in formal attire. and across from him is a seperate painting of a landscape with green mountains. Other images contained within are of various topics with various colors and styles.
Sakai Hōitsu
Album of Letters and Sketches, with Poet Portrait as frontispiece (28 pages)
1800 – 1828
Museum Purchase
This Persian miniature is attributed to the Shiraz and Timurid schools, ca. 1460. The painting is done in ink, opaque watercolor and gold leaf on paper. The scene, <em>Bahram Gur Hunting with Azada</em>, is part of the Shahnama of Firdausi, the Persian book of kings. 
Iranian (Iranian)
Bahram Gur Hunting with Azada, from the Shahnama of Firdausi
1455 – 1465
Museum Purchase