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Seated male figure with an elongated face that tilts backwards. A columnar projection, possibly a beard, extends from the bottom of the chin to the figure's knees. Both of the figure's hands grip the beard-like projection. 
Sierra Leonean (Sierra Leonean)
Male Figure
1400 – 1699
Gift of Leah and John Atwater
This print is composed of sets of faces in three registers.  Along the top, in a black stripe, is a repeated, closely cropped image of a woman's face looking to the left.  In the middle left are five repeated images in shades of brown of a woman's face looking right, toward the face of a man in black.  Along the bottom are three large images of a woman's face in green, brown and blue.
Elizabeth Catlett (American (North American))
Malcolm X Speaks for Us
Gift of Elizabeth Catlett

Francesco Cincinato
The Entry of Christ into Jerusalem
Gift through the Estate of Edward Sonnenschein
Text: Join the Air Service and Serve in France - Do It Now - Apply to - Aviation Examining Board - 308 Hume=Mansur Bldg. Indianapolis
J. Paul Verrees
Join the Air Service and Serve in France - Do It Now - Aviation Examining Board
Transfer from the William L. Clements Library