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Container for liquids with four nozzles
early 1900s - early 1980s
Gift of Prof. and Mrs. Horace M. Miner

Iranian (Iranian)
Narrow-neck jug with single handle and molded decorative register at shoulder
900 – 1199
Museum Purchase

Ernst Kirchner
Two Women
1905 – 1915
Gift of Herbert Barrows
Two columns of Latin text fill this page taken from a bible manuscript. A painting in a gold rectangular frame is located in the lower right column. An angel descends from a blue semicircular disc in the upper right corner of the painting and grasps a larger figure by the hair with both hands. This second figure holds a jug in his left hand and a plate with bread in his right. A third figure, dressed in a white robe, reaches up toward this larger figure from an enclosure below. He appears against a black background and four gray animal heads overlap his torso.
French (French (culture or style))
Leaf from a Bible with Daniel in the lions' den aided by the prophet Habakuk
1285 – 1295
Anonymous Gift in memory of Mrs. John Alexander
<br />
The unglazed jug has a bulbous body with a narrow neck which is half the height of the body. A slight bulging occurs midway up the neck. A handle is joined to the neck below the lip and extends to the shoulder of the body. <br /><br />
A <em>Naskhi</em> Arabic inscription, worked in barbotine technique against a background of unordered small bosses and open circles, runs around the upper part of the body. <br />
Iranian (Iranian)
Jug, narrow neck, single handle, band of decorative inscriptions at shoulder
900 – 1199
Museum Purchase