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This page of an illuminated manuscript on thin parchment is vertically oriented. Centered in the upper two-thirds of the page is a window-shaped scene of a priest celebrating mass. The priest, with red and white robes and a tonsure, holds up a communion wafer at an altar that has a bible and a communion goblet on it and an image of two figures with halos behind them. The altar and the priest’s robes are trimmed with gold leaf. Behind the priest are two kneeling figures, a man and a woman. They are in the interior of a gothic church, with stone vaulting above them. Below the scene are four lines of calligraphy with the first letter, a ‘D’, highly decorated. Decorative detailing surrounds the text and the scene. The left side consists of an ivy-like plant growing out of the "D", and the bottom and right sides have different foliate-derived design depicted in ink, tempera and gold.
French (French (culture or style))
Priest Celebrating a Mass (Leaf from the Tarleton Hours)
1425 – 1435
Museum Purchase

Félix Edouard Vallotton
Le Bon Marché
Museum Purchase

Giuseppe Barberi
Detail of a Decorated Ceiling Cove
late 1740s - late 1800s
Museum Purchase

Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini;Antonio Diziani (Italian (culture or style))
The Elector Palatine Johann Wilhelm von der Pfalz being offered the crown of Armenia
1713 – 1714
Museum Purchase

Painted Wall Decoration for a Bedroom, with Alternative Suggestions
1733 – 1766
Museum Purchase
Two lamps provide the only source of light in this nighttime interior and the scene is full of dark shadows and areas highlighted by white. Two men are seated at a table- one is a bearded man wearing long robes and the other has a staff and a hat with wings. They are looking at a woman, wearing a cloth headdress and a long dress, who stands before them. On the left is a man entering through a doorway. The features of the room are shown in great detail including the assortment of food, hanging vegetables and baskets, a wall tapestry, the rough wood planking and decorative designs on the bedding. There is a printed Latin inscription below this scene.
Hendrik Goudt
Jupiter and Mercury in the House of Philemon and Baucis
Museum purchase made possible by a gift from Helmut Stern

Giuseppe Barberi
Detail of a Decorated Ceiling COve (recto); Sketch of a Decorated Wall Panel Fla
late 1740s - late 1800s
Museum Purchase
A young woman at the left stands at the threshold of a stone doorway; in the interior beyond her, a woman in a white cap is preparing a jar at a desk or counter. Above the desk is a row of jars on a shelf.
James Abbott McNeill Whistler (American (North American))
La Marchande de Moutarde, one of the "Twelve Etchings from Nature," or the "French Set"
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker

Charles-Nicolas Cochin (French (culture or style))
Decoration de la Salle de Princesse de Navarre
Museum purchase made possible by the Jean Paul Slusser Memorial Fund
View of an unfurnished room, whose walls are decorated with pilasters.
Walker Evans (American (North American))
Breakfast Room at Belle Grove Plantation, White Chapel, Louisiana
Museum purchase made possible by the W. Hawkins Ferry Fund

Milton Avery (American (North American))
Checker Players
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Roy R. Neuberger
Panel painting depicting a young woman of high society in an interior setting filled with Asian accessories.  She stands behind a door, which she holds partly open revealing a small white dog sitting in front of an armchair.<br />
Alfred Stevens (Belgian (modern))
Hide and Seek (Cache-Cache)
1873 – 1883
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
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