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A photograph of a picket fence descending into the background. In the far distance, a car with red tail lights sits on the horizon line. The photograph is comprised of blue tones. 
Pete Turner (American (North American))
Road Song
Gift of Selma and Gerald Lotenberg
A photograph of blue walls. The framing of the image emphasizes the geometric planes, texture, and color of the walls.
Pete Turner (American (North American))
Blue Walls & Light
Gift of Selma and Gerald Lotenberg
A photograph of a single tree in a dust storm. The image is comprised of yellow hues. 
Pete Turner (American (North American))
Dust Storm
Gift of Selma and Gerald Lotenberg
A photograph of a landscape. The hues are saturated, with a bright orange-red sky, dark sand dunes framing a low horizon line, with a single tree in the center of the image.
Pete Turner (American (North American))
Sand Dune & Tree
Gift of Selma and Gerald Lotenberg
A color photograph of a street, predominantly in blue tones, taken from a high vantage point. A road leads down a hill, buildings visible along the left side of the street. A woman in black walks in the center of the frame, appearing small next to the architecture. 
Pete Turner (American (North American))
Ibiza Woman
Gift of Selma and Gerald Lotenberg
A photograph of exterior walls. A doorway is visible in the top right of the image, with a large open gateway below. In the lower left of the frame, a pigeon is silhouetted against the gateway. The monochrome photograph has a flattened depth of field.
Pete Turner (American (North American))
Doorway to Nowhere
Gift of Selma and Gerald Lotenberg
A photograph of ripples on the surface of a calm body of water. A circular pattern curves into the distance, a rocky wall visible in the background. The image is comprised of blue tones.
Pete Turner (American (North American))
Boat Wake
Gift of Selma and Gerald Lotenberg
This photograph depicts an abstract composition of faceted dark shapes with red, orange and yellow edges. It was created by exposing a sheet of folded photographic paper to light and then developing it. 
Walead Beshty (American (North American))
3 Sided Picture (Yellow), November 26, 2007, Westwood, CA, Kodak Supra
Museum Purchase made possible by the W. Hawkins Ferry Fund