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This hanging scroll depicts two carp among waves using light ink washes. It demonstrates the Kanō painters' interest in naturalistic depiction of flowers, birds and animals.
Kanō School
Two carp among waves
17th century
A lark stands inside the curving vine of a morning glory growing on the grass. Both the bird and the flowers are naturalistically depicted, while the grass is indicated with subtle brushstrokes mostly grouped in the bottom left corner of the painting.  
Yūki Masaaki
Lark and Morning Glory
1867 – 1932
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker

Hann Trier
Study for Sewing Machine
Gift of Herbert Barrows
Sweeping brushstrokes of varying intensity convey the general landscape of this painting. More detailed brushwork is used to illustrate eight geese flying low amoung plants or reeds.
Lin Fengmian
Landscape with Geese
1960 – 1970
Peonies in full bloom grow as if from a rock or tree stump. A calligraphic inscription is on the left side.
Kumashiro Yūhi
Peonies and Rock
1750 – 1772