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Carved wood headdress in the form of a bird's head and neck. The beak is open and the head is covered with leather, some of which is red. There is also string wrapped around the head of the bird. The crest above the beak is covered with red seeds, possibly abrus seeds. The long, curved neck is attached to a flat disc, through which leather straps have been inserted. The strap at the bottom of the neck is also attached to the back of the bird's head as well. 
Hunter's Bird Decoy Headdress
1945 – 1955
Gift of Dale E. Rice
This woodblock print depicts a standing man with his right hand over his chest and his left hand outstretched, holding a dead bird. A second man stands behind him but is eclipsed by the first except for a bit of his face and the gun he holds which protrudes toward the right. There is a live bird on the ground. The print is signed (l.c.) "9 Pepe Ortega" in pencil.
José Ortega (Spanish (culture or style))
circa 1952 – 1953
Museum Purchase
A large group of men on horses piercing a large boar in the middle of a forest.
J. J. de LaPorte
Boar Hunt
1787 – 1822
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink
Seated figure on a stool holding a child. Both are carved from a single piece of wood.
Bamana (Bamana)
Mother and Child Figure
1850 – 1950
Gift of Michael and Phyllis Courlander
A glass snuff bottle with painted hunt scene on the interior. The scene shows two hunters on horseback chasing and animal in an open field with a tree in the distance. On the top of the snuff bottle is a mouthpiece with an ivory stopper.
Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Snuff bottle with painted hunt scene on interior of glass
1885 – 1910
Gift of Mr. Robert W. Coggan