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Graham Sutherland (British (modern))
Museum Purchase
A biomorphically abstract sculpture of bronze. Bulbous at the bottom, the shape stretches and narrows in the middle and then expands into a larger shape from which two rounded points rise.
Hans (Jean) Arp;Fonderie d'Art Fonderie Susse (French (culture or style);French (culture or style))
Fruit Pré-adamite
Museum Purchase
A small polished bronze sculpture of a biomorphic form rising gracefully from a small base. Where it contacts the base, the form stands on two leg-like structures. The form rises from there, narrows, then opens up into a wider, more oblong shape at the top.
Hans (Jean) Arp (French (culture or style))
Little Torso No. 5 (Torse)
1930 – 1957
Gift of the Estate of Maxine W. Kunstadter in memory of Sigmund Kunstadter, Class of 1922
Tex: Will you have a part in victory? - Write to the National War Garden Commission - Washington, D.C. for free books on gardening, canning & drying. - "Every Garden a Munition Plant" - Charles Lathrop Pack, President
James Montgomery Flagg
Will You Have a Part in Victory?
1913 – 1923
Gift of Mr. Maurice F. Lyons
A roughly teardrop-shaped sculpture of shiny cast aluminum. Within the basic organic shape are several curls and a shape that appears to be a woman or perhaps a fetus. The sculpture sits atop a tall wooden base composed of a stack of fat disc shapes.
David Smith
Growing Forms
Bequest of Charles E. Palmer in honor of Jean Paul Slusser