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Gaetano Gandolfi (Italian (culture or style))
Studies of Girls' Heads
1767 – 1799
Museum Purchase

Frederick Stuart Church
Girl and Stork
1842 – 1924
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
Centered on the page of this print are two figures. They are dressed in white shirts, with red capes over their left sholders and matching pants, both trimmed in blue. Both figures are also wearing red cone-shaped headdresses that have a large circular decoration attached with red and blue concentric circles. Both figures are faceless and have black hair. The figures hold black round objects. They are depicted in movement.
Carlos Mérida (Guatemalan)
Danza de los Quetzales
1937 – 1939
Museum Purchase
This pring shows the shoulders and skull of a skeleton wearing a wide brimmed hat adorned with plumes and decorative objects. 
José Guadalupe Posada (Mexican)
Calavera de la Catrina
1905 – 1915
Museum Purchase
This small spherical pot with wide mouth is decorated in black-on-black style. Around the upper half is a feather design, which looks like individual feathers hanging down from the mouth forming a ring around the circumference. 
Maria Martínez;Julian Martinez (American (North American);Native American)
1930 – 1940
Gift of Marguerite Novy Lambert in memory of her parents, Frederick G. Novy and Grace Garwood Novy
This photograph depicts a view of three costumed children holding sparklers in a yard.  On the ground there are chicken feathers strewn about.
Keith Carter (American (North American))
Chicken Feathers
Museum purchase made possible by the W. Hawkins Ferry Fund
This photograph depicts a window of a house with the photographer’s reflection cast in it. Also visible in the reflection are the white picket fence and trees behind the photographer, as well as objects inside the interior of the house.
Wynn Bullock (American (North American))
Gift of The 831 Photographic Gallery