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A black and white silkscreen lettering of a dove with its right wing outstretched, neck turned. The bird's beak is a brilliant shade of orange. There is a poem titled, "I Think Continually of Those Who Were Truly Great." below the dove, and names of various people above the dove. The poem was written by Stephen Spender.
Ben Shahn (American (North American))
I Think Continually of Those Who Were Truly Great
Gift of the Robbins Center for Cross Cultural Communication, Founder Warren M. Robbins
An angel, holding a scepter in his left hand and making a gesture of speech with his right, interrupts the Virgin at her reading. She kneels on the floor and rests her left hand on an open book placed atop a lectern. A vase with a flowering lily sits on the floor between the angel and the Virgin and a small white dove encircled by a halo hovers between them. The scene unfolds within an elaborate and richly decorated interior that includes a chair and canopied bed in the background.
Artist Unknown, Antwerp School, Belgium
1515 – 1525
Gift of Prof. and Mrs. Charles H. Sawyer
This print shows an abstracted nude woman on her back, holding a child in the air above her. The child is stretching one hand out towards a white bird at the top left. Both woman and child are looking at the bird and the atmosphere is playful.
Baltasar Lobo (Spanish (culture or style))
1945 – 1956
Museum Purchase
The dial of this elaborately decorated clock stands upon a two-tiered base. The lower tier consists of a hollow base made of ebony and adorned with a frieze of gilded bronze scrollwork and palmette motifs. The upper tier, made entirely of gilded bronze, features six fluted pilasters with a decorative panel centered on the front below the dial. This panel is composed of a pair of doves touching beaks before a crossed quiver of arrows and a flaming torch framed by leaves. A woman in long flowing robes stands to the right of the dial and empties a small cup onto a dove held by a winged putto who lies on a rocky projection. Behind the dove burns a fire on a small altar inscribed "Altar of Venus" [Autel à Venus].
Joseph Buzot
Mantel clock with a priestess and Cupid offering a sacriffice to Venus
1775 – 1785
Museum purchase made possible by the W. Hawkins Ferry Fund
In this painting, rendered entirely in gray monochrome, a technique known as grisaille, an angel descends on a bank of clouds toward a woman who kneels on the floor before a prie-dieu. She looks downward and turns away from the angel in a gesture of humility, and her head is illuminated by the light from a luminescent dove in the cloud above her. A bearded man looks down from the summit of the cloud, nearly engulfed in light, and a number of cherubim appear throughout the scene. The robust forms and grounded materiality of the woman's body and the furniture around her give way to light-filled clouds and diffused forms in the upper part of the canvas as the heavenly and worldly realms come together.
Mariano Salvador de Maella
The Annunciation
1775 – 1785
Museum Purchase