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In this print, a woman squats on a beach, holding a shell out in her right hand.  She is barefoot, wearing an orange robe with a turquoise border.  At her feet are several shells and a basket, and a wave rises up behind her.  Green mountains are visible in the background.<br />
 <br />
Inscriptions: Artist’s signature: Kuniyoshi ga; Publisher’s seal: Kawashō; Censor’s seal: Kiwame; Kewaizaka no Shōshō
Utagawa Kuniyoshi (Japanese (culture or style))
Iwai Shijaku [I] as the keisei (courtesan) ..., by the seashore, in the series Spring Scenery ...
1822 – 1844
Gift of Dr. James Hayes

1945 – 1955
Gift of Allen Roberts in memory of Sidney H. Roberts
A cone-shaped headdress with a cylindrical finial rising from its top. Three long flaps hang from three projections located near the top of the finial. The green field of the main body and finial is embroidered with cowrie shells arranged in a four-pointed rosette pattern. Cowries also appear on the round flat top of the finial where they radiate around a circle of alternating red and white beads. Cowries form a fringe around the lower border of the cap and are accompanied by brass bells along the edges of the flaps. The headdress is bordered at its lower edge and at the top and bottom of the finial with a checkerboard pattern in red and white beads between thin rows of alternating green and white beads. Five double rows of white beads form a chevron pattern on the wheat-colored field of the flaps.
Kuba (Kuba (Democratic Republic of Congo style))
Royal Hat
1895 – 1905
Gift of Marc Leo Felix, Brussels

Bamana (Bamana)
N'Tomo Mask
1900 – 1970
Gift of Prof. and Mrs. Horace M. Miner
This richly detailed, carved wooden cup has been sculpted into the form of a human head. The head&rsquo;s bell-shaped coiffure and facial details are typical of Kuba masks and figurines. The face features almond-shaped eyes, a protruding mouth and nose, disproportionately small ears, and eyebrows and temples that have been engilded with tiny copper staples. The neck and the coiffure bear elaborate diamond-shaped and diagonal-lined patterns which have been further embellished by cowrie shells, embedded in resin.
Kuba (Kuba (Democratic Republic of Congo style))
1885 – 1895
Gift of Candis and Helmut Stern
This woodcarved figure depicts a female with a large bowl-shaped vessel upon the crown of her head, intended to be a container for symbolic, medicinal and spirit “activating” ingredients. Representative of the Kasongo style (regarded as the “classical” or “pure” Kusu stylistic form), this <em>kakudji</em> features an inverted, triangular-shaped head, a wide, convex forehead, high ears, cowrie shell eyes, a triangular nose, an oval mouth with protruding lips, a pointed chin, and conical breasts. The figure possesses a prominent belly indicating pregnancy, and representing the themes of maternity, fertility, and the continuation of the lineage. A large piece of textured cloth tied in place with rope encircles the female’s lower arms and lower body.
Kusu (Kusu (Luba region style))
Power Figure
1925 – 1935
Gift of Candis and Helmut Stern

Cameroon (Cameroonian)
Gift of Prof. and Mrs. Horace M. Miner