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Herbert W. Johe
Porch of the Caryatids, from the Erechtheum, Athens (420-393 BC)
Gift of Herbert W. and Susan L. Johe

William Holman Hunt (British (modern))
The Father's Leave-Taking
Museum Purchase

Albert Kahn (American (North American))
Transferred from the College of Architecture and Design, 1972—Gift of the Family of Albert Kahn: through Dr. Edgar A. Kahn; Mrs. Barnett Malbin; Mrs. Martin L. Butzel
A series of architectural spaces unfold, each showing figures engaged in some activity. At right, the largest figure is shown seated looking upwards towards a light source. The same figure, somewhat smaller, walks from right to left towards a small architectural space at the left where the same figure lays a hand on the head of a kneeling woman. Other scenes continue into the distance.
Marten van Heemskerck
St. Peter Baptising at Jerusalem
1568 – 1578
Museum Purchase
A grouping of columns and figural sculptures stands amid other ruins and stone debris in a mostly flat, rocky landscape. 
Pascal Sebah (Turkish (culture or style))
Ramesseion à Thèbes. Colosse de Rhamsès
1875 – 1885
Transfer from the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
A boy on a chair with a girl at his feet. They are both looking outside. There is column and greenery outside.
William Winner
Sunny Hours
1835 – 1883
Bequest of Henry C. Lewis

Luca Giordano (Italian (culture or style))
A Miraculous Healing by St. Anthony of Padua (recto) Same drawing in reverse (verso)
1692 – 1700
Gift through the Estate of Edward Sonnenschein

Sears Gallagher
Massachusetts General Hospital
1869 – 1955
Gift of Prof. and Mrs. Alfred H. White

Giuseppe Barberi
Study for Two Wall Tombs
late 1740s - late 1800s
Museum Purchase
This drawing presents a frontal view of a small two-story church.  The first level has a portico entrance flanked by statues in niches.  Above the portico continues into the second level and is surmounted by a pediment.  Above the second level is a shallow dome on a low drum.
Giuseppe Barberi
Elevation of a Small Domed Church
late 1740s - late 1800s
Museum Purchase
Photograph of Roman ruins. Rows of columns surround some tiles. A man observes the ruins. <br /><br />
Eva Caston 2017
Foro civile. Pompei
1855 – 1865
Transfer from the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
A red crayon drawing of a man contemplating antique ruins.
Hubert Robert (French (culture or style))
Scene with Antique Ruins
1754 – 1808
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink
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