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Victor Vasarely (French (culture or style))
Chess Set (Board)
1975 – 1985
Gift of Jack A. and Noreen Rounick
A wide-mouthed bowl narrows steeply to a small base. A brown and white checker board pattern covers the interior and exterior and scales down as the diameter decreases toward the bottom.<br />
wood bowl with geometric patterning in concentric rings, decreasing in size top to bottom
Michael Mode
Akbar's Bounty
Gift of Robert M. and Lillian Montalto Bohlen
The upper two-thirds of the brint are dominated by black, while the lower area depicts a variety of seashells on a checkerboard black and white cloth.
Hamaguchi Yōzō
Sea Shells on a Table
20th century
Gift of Carol Weston in honor of Patricia O'Connor
This is a photograph of a woman in Patzcuaro, Mexico. The woman sits with a headscarf draped over her head and shoulders and a basket on her lap.
Paul Strand (American (North American))
Woman, Patzcuaro
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Davis through the Friends of the Museum of Art
The vertical rectangular space of the image is completely filled with a detailed rendering of a section of an intricate Gothic portal façade. In the foreground a checked tile floor creates a recession into the space. In the center of the composition two doors are framed by a high, pointed arch. The space of the arch is filled with fine cut-out ornamental stonework. Arched niches containing figural sculptures flank each side of the main archway, and one also separates the two doors. The top of the image is framed by two rows of geometric ornamental decor. <br />
Beneath the image is an ornamental panel of simulated marble, on which the title of the image is written in gothic script: "Eglise Notre Dame / Les Andelys".<br />
Signed and dated: "John Taylor Arms / 1946"
John Taylor Arms (American (North American))
Precious Stones, Eglise Notre Dame, Les Andelys
Bequest of Carl F. Clarke