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Eight robed male figures, each with a halo, kneel before a v-shaped bench or rail. They face a male figure with a crossed halo that stands on the other side of the bench, holding a golden chalice in his left hand and a circular white wafer imprinted with a crucifixion scene in his right. An altar draped with a red cloth appears behind him. The entire scene is enframed within the letter "C."
Christ giving communion to the Apostles in an historiated initial "C"
mid 15th century
Museum Purchase
This complex print is composed of a collection of vignettes, loosely arranged in rows. The colors used in this print are pink and green, and different shades of golden tan. Two large figures are positioned side by side, slightly off center, their heads in the upper register. They have long hair and wear pink and green crowns, and hold pink and green decorative chalices. Both wear draped clothing. Behind them are smaller figures also dressed in draped clothing, in a variety of scenes, and engaged in different activities. Some are gathered in groups, a pair of men face each other, two people sit next to each other, and several pink chairs are grouped together.
Corita (American (North American))
This Beginning of Miracles
Museum Purchase