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In this long narrative landscape, our eyes trace the journey of the fisherman, who may be standing in the distance on the left.  His boat can be seen tucked behing a rock, and the mouth of a small cave.  Pink petals of peach blossoms adorn the trees along to shore of a stream.
Chen Shaomei (aka Ch'en Shao-mei)
Peach Blossom Spring
early 1930s - early 1950s
Gift of Ellen and Richard Laing

Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Bodhisattva (Maitreya?), seated cross-legged in abhaya mudra, from Longmen (?)
520 – 530
Museum purchase for the James Marshall Plumer Memorial Collection

James Valentine
Fingale Cave, Staffa, from "Ecosse"
Museum Purchase
An intricate ecology of plants grows up this mountainside landscape.  Two men walk in a clearing below a building.  A waterfall flows downward on the upper left, below calligraphic text.
Chang Ku-nien
Waterfall at Milky Way Cave
1970 – 1990
Gift of Ted and Syauchen Baker
Five men sit just outside the rectangular, columned entrances of three grottoes set into the side of a hill. 
Pascal Sebah (Turkish (culture or style))
Béni-Hassan. Grottes du Nord
1875 – 1885
Transfer from the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

Jan Van Vliet
St. Jerome in his Cave
Museum Purchase

Heinrich Aldegrever
The Labors of Hercules #13: Cacus
Museum Purchase

Heinrich Aldegrever
The Labors of Hercules: The Lernean Hydra (one of the set of 13 prints)
Museum Purchase
Frontal view of an altar space surrounded by draped fabrics with different patterns and materials. A staircase ascends out of the frame on the left-hand side of the image.
Felix Bonfils (French (culture or style))
Grotte de la Nativité—Cave of the Nativity
1867 – 1885
Gift of Margaret and Howard Bond

Bruce Davidson
Untitled (Three Miners with Mule), from "Welsh Miners"
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Kenyon
Three partially clothed men wade in hip-deep water. The back of a fourth man is visible on the left. All are elaborately tatooed over their backs and shoulders. They are in a cave, and the edge of a waterfall can be seen to the left. The man in the back is sprayed by the waterfall while ringing a bell with his left hand. The man in the foreground holds a sword up in his right hand.<br /><br />
This is the right portion of a triptych.<br /><br />
Inscriptions: To, Enhiko (Publisher's seal); i 3 aratame (Censor's seal); Toyokuni hitsu (Signature); Ōatari taigan jōju arigatakitsubo (Title)
Utagawa Kunisada (Toyokuni III) (Japanese (culture or style))
Praying for Hits in the Waterfall of Answered Prayers: Ichimura Uzaemon XIII, Sawamura Tanosuke III, and Sawamura Tosshō II
Gift of Pearl Sellards
View of a mountain gorge with a fenced-in tunnel path carved through it.
Adolphe Braun (French (culture or style))
Passage de la Tête Noire
1858 – 1877
Gift of Frederick P. and Amy McCombs Currier
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