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The front (obverse) of this medal represents a portrait of a man in profile wearing a papal tiara and a cope. The reverse depicts a city square dominated by an obelisk with a pair of identical domed churches in the background. Inscriptions run around the edge of the medal on both sides.
Gioacchino Travani
Pope Alexander VII (obverse), and the Piazzo del Popolo (reverse)
Museum Purchase
Three large, rectangular blocks of translucent green glass hang in vertical succession on a newtwork of copper pipes. The sides of the glass bricks are rough, have bubbles embedded within them, and show evidence of the sandcasting process; the front surfaces of glass are smooth, although the middle brick has an area of sand within the smooth surface.
Howard Ben Tré (American (North American))
To Benjamin B.
Gift of the Lannan Foundation in Honor of the Pelham Family
The front (obverse) of this medal depicts the profile portrait of a man with a tonsure, wearing a cope adorned with acorns and oak leaves and a large clasp. An inscription runs around the border. The reverse represents a bridge spanning a river enclosed within a border of oak leaves. An inscription appears above the balustrade of the bridge.
Pope Sixtus IV (obverse), and the Ponte Sisto (reverse)
Museum Purchase
Sculpture made of glass and copper, with a tall base on which five cylinders of decreasing diameter sit, like a layer cake. Sculpture is hollow and the surface smooth on the interior.
Howard Ben Tré (American (North American))
Cast Form Type VIII
Gift of the Lannan Foundation in Honor of the Pelham Family
In this strongly vertical composition, a street crowded with groups of people and individuals—all rendered in silhouette and casting long shadows—recedes into space, seen from above. The street is lined with two- and, at most, four-story buildings on both sides. A hilly landscape rises behind the buildings, and a stormy-looking sky occupies the top portion of the image. In the right foreground, a woman is seen from the back as she stands on a small balcony looking down the street at a procession underway. The procession follows a banner depicting a saint, and proceeds towards the viewer. Some of the people in the street wear pointed hoods over their heads.<br />
The image is covered with diagonal slash marks. The print shows incredibly rich textural effects as a result of intense drypoint scraping, extensive biting in the darkest areas, and printing on very thick wove paper. <br />
Signed in the plate, l.l., recto, "Bone / 19[?]5"
Sir Muirhead Bone (British (modern))
A Spanish Good Friday
Gift of Dr. Thomas DeKornfeld
The front (obverse) of the medal presents a profile portrait of a bearded man wearing a cassock, cap, and stole. The reverse depicts a bridge spanning a river. A winged figure flies above the bridge blowing a trumpet, while a nude male figure reclines below the bridge in the foreground and a wolf nurses at his feet. Inscriptions run around both the border edge of both sides of the medal.
Nicolas-François Chéron
Pope Clement IX (obverse), and the Ponte Sant' Angelo (reverse)
Museum Purchase
The obverse of this medal depicts a profile portrait of a man with a tonsure. The reverse represents a man holding a cross-staff piloting a boat labeled "Eclesia" along the gunwale. Both sides of the medal have inscriptions around the edge.
Andrea Guacioloti
Pope Nicholas V (obverse), Nicholas V in the Ship "Eclesia" (reverse)
Museum Purchase