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Iranian (Iranian)
19th century
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker

Iranian (Iranian)
19th century
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
The central figure in the foreground is seated outdoors on an orange carpet with a green border, which is itself on a white carpet decorated in a floral pattern.  He reclines against a pillow. He is dressed in a sheer white shirt and yellow dhoti with a headdress. He is wearing a pearl necklace and has pearls in his headdress. His right hand rests on a foot while the other hand is extended outward. Behind him to the left is an attendant who is holding a fan over the central figure's head. The attendant is dressed more simply in white with a red headdress. A large hill looms in the background against a dark blue sky. An inscription is placed in the red border of the painting.
Indian (Indian (South Asian))
Portrait of Badan Singh of Rampur
1775 – 1785
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink for the James Marshall Plumer Memorial Collection

Iranian (Iranian)
19th century
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
Three women sit just inside the doorway of a building shown frontally to the viewer. The doorway is framed by windows on either side within an archietctural framework that connects the windows and door with a dado under the windows. The women have a large piece of fabric laid over their laps on which they are working. The woman at the left is angled so that she is looking into the room; the other two look out at the viewer. The profile of a fourth woman is visible in the central window on the left side of the door.
James Abbott McNeill Whistler (American (North American))
Carpet Menders, Paris
1897 – 1898
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker

Iranian (Iranian)
20th century
Gift of Cynthia Gallup Pine

Moroccan (Moroccan)
1800 – 1832
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker

Charles Harbutt
Bathtub, Cushing's Island, Maine
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Kenyon

Iranian (Iranian)
Hamadan Carpet
late 19th century - early 20th century
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
This photograph depicts two models standing in an elegant interior. They are embracing and kissing, posed to appear as mannequins. 
Helmut Newton (Australian)
Mannequins, Quai d'Orsay, Paris
Gift of Gerald and Selma Lotenberg
The painting is divided into two panels. The lower panel depicts the Raja with six females in the courtyard of a palace. The Raja stands with a sword and shield. The palace is decorated colorfully, which contrasts with the upper panel which is monochromatic blue. The upper panel depicts a procession scene, which includes figures on horses and an elephant as well as a shrine.
Indian (Indian (South Asian))
A Raja with his Ladies
1733 – 1766
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink, in Memory of Stephen Blos

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi (British (modern))
Almost any suburb, from the portfolio "General Dynamic F.U.N. Volume II of Moonstrips Empire News"
Gift of Professor Diane M. Kirkpatrick