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This silver candlestick, one of a pair, is in the shape of a fluted column topped by a composite capital composed of a double row of acanthus leaves and four volutes at the corners. The column rests upon a stepped base made of four squares of diminishing size, the first and fourth of which are marked with a pattern of strigillations.
John Carter
Candlestick (one of a pair)
1770 – 1771
Gift of Raymond C. Smith

William Hogarth
Analysis of Beauty
Museum Purchase
This miniature painting depicts a group of male figures gathered around a coffin draped with a blue cloth. Two pairs of candles set on tall candlesticks are placed at the head and foot of the coffin. To the left of the coffin stand four mourners wearing long gray robes with hoods. Facing them from the other side of the coffin are three tonsured clergymen dressed in white, who look at an open book placed before them. The group stands upon a green tiled floor next to a pink wall. The background is painted red and decorated with an exuberant pattern of gold scrolling foliage motifs.
Gold Scrolls Group
Leaf from a book of hours with a funeral mass
1415 – 1455
Anonymous Gift in memory of Mrs. John Alexander

Doris Spiegel
Selling Candles
Allocated by the U.S. Government Commissioned through the New Deal art projects

Jim Dow
San Francisco Giants Candlestick Park, from 'Jim Dow: The National League Stadiu
Gift of Mrs. Elizabeth B. Shwayder
Two women on a settee dressed in elegant 19th century attire, one holding a fan and the other a parasol, while another richly clad woman leans in close beside them, in a lavishly decorated interior setting with ornately carved gilded walls, a large mirror above the settee, inlaid marble floor, and large vases to either side of the settee. In the center of the room is a sculpture of the Medici Venus on a pedestal with her back to the viewer, her reflection evident in the mirror. Between the base of the sculpture and the viewer is an elaborately carved gilt stool covered with rich red fabric. Beside the sculpture, another woman holding a book walks towards the cluster of women.
Pier Celestino Gilardi
A Visit to the Gallery
Bequest of Henry C. Lewis

Nikolaus Stuber
St. Anthony of Padua and the Christ Child
1688 – 1749
Purchased from the Estate of Edward Sonnenschein
A red earthenware candlestick holder in the form of a large, androgynous human figure, presumably female, kneeling, with a child. There is a cylindrical holder for a candle on the larger figure's head. The candlestick is covered in a green lead glaze, with iridescence and calcification.
Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Candlestick Holder
25 – 220
Museum purchase made possible by the Mary Kujawski Memorial Fund

Gari Melchers
1860 – 1932
Gift of Mrs. Charles F. Weber
This remarkable still life depicts a table crowded with, among other things, a gilded covered goblet, a wide saucer-shaped silver tazza, a celestial globe painted with images of the constellations, a skull wearing a laurel wreath, and an extinguished candle, all rendered in exquisite detail with careful attention paid to the effects of light and texture. While the arrangement of objects may appear casual, the composition is artfully balanced along two diagonal axes centered on the two cups that lie crossed on the table. The repetition of ovoid shapes throughout the painting and the monochrome tonality with its restricted range of hues and values, a hallmark of Heda's style, assures the seamless integration of the sundry objects into a unified whole.<br />
Willem Claesz Heda
Vanitas (Still Life), with globe, skull, candle, tazza, and covered cup
1633 – 1635
Museum Purchase

Marc Chagall (Belorussian (culture or style))
Dead Souls: Interior
1923 – 1927
Museum Purchase
Text: (photo caption) A Club Dinner - The Spirit of War Camp Community Service - United War Work Campaign - 4C
Artist Unknown
The Spirit of War Camp Community Service - A Club Dinner - United War Work Campaign
1913 – 1923
Gift of Mr. Maurice F. Lyons