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Created looking out of the windshield of a moving car, this photograph depicts a scene of a cow running across a road in front of oncoming traffic. There are hills in the background and a strong glare from the sun on the windshield.
Garry Winogrand (American (North American))
Gift of Stanley T. Lesser, A.B. 1951, J.D. 1953

Robert Doisneau
L'Innocent, from "Portfolio of 11 Photographs"
1949 – 1979
Gift of Carl W. Melcher
This photograph is of a wooden wagon laden with sacks of grain.  The wagon is drawn by a horse, an ox, and a donkey. In the background stand three chapel-like structures. 
Giorgio Sommer (Italian (culture or style))
Napoli Costume
1862 – 1870
Gift of Mr. & Mrs. W. Howard Bond