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A black and white lithograph depicting a traditional style railing.
Emilio Sanchez
Toldos Blancos
1965 – 1975
Gift of the Emilio Sanchez Foundation

Ronald Kitaj
Ctric News Topi
1932 – 1983
Gift of the Marvin Felheim Collection
<p>black and white sou-shibori (entirely dyed) chirimen kimono with a white and black inner lining.</p>
Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
1925 – 1999
Gift of Mrs. Kazuko Miyake
This is a black and white abstracted view of a ship with white sails. Most of the area around the ship is shaded, except for a beam of light that cuts diagonally across the print from top left to bottom right.
Lyonel Feininger (American (North American))
Off the Coast
Gift of Carl Fredric Clarke
This painting is created from a found wooden board with a textured surface. Attached are staples and paper, and it is painted all-over in an off-white. There are paint globs in some areas. At the center, there is a black line painting of a figure with his arms outstretched to the side.
Sam Mackey (American (North American))
Gift of H. David Zucca
This print is a black and white abstract depiction of components of a boat and an anchor in a variety of shades of black, grey and white, and many textures, in an angular composition.
Stuart Davis (American (North American))
Composition with Boats and Anchor
Gift of Jean Paul Slusser
An assemblage of found objects: a salvaged wood frame with wood inlay letters spelling &quot;COLORED,&quot; four portrait photographs of African American females (two photogaphs on either side of a printed poem), nine thread samples under photographs, and one hand mirror hanging on a decorative brass hook to the viewer&#39;s right of the frame. The poem reads:&nbsp;<br />
&quot;Light is Alright<br />
Yellow is Mellow<br />
Brown, Stick Around<br />
Black, Get Back<br />
(but black don&#39;t crack)&quot;<br />
<br />
The wood has a strong smell, may have been treated with molasses.<br />
<br />
Betye Saar (American (North American))
Museum purchase made possible by Dr. James and Vivian Curtis and the W. Hawkins Ferry Fund