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Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Imari fish plate with paintings of phoenix and hollyhock
1845 – 1855
Gift of the William T. and Dora G. Hunter Collection

Flaminio Innocenzo Minozzi
Corner Decoration of a Painted Ceiling
1735 – 1817
Museum Purchase
This handscroll is a facsimile of the twelfth or thirteenth century Frolicking Animals Scroll (Chōjū jinbutsu giga) that depicts anthropomorphic monkeys, frogs, foxes and rabbits in various scenes. The scroll is painted in monochromatic ink with lively brushwork. The scroll contains no written text, and the discrete scenes of the scroll are separated by short stretches of landscape. The scroll appears to narrate the events of a festival held by various animals, culminating in a Buddhist ceremony. The scroll begins with a scene of rabbits and monkeys ritually washing themselves in a river. The next scene shows frogs and rabbits engaged in an archery competition. Frogs, foxes and rabbits watch as a rabbit nocks an arrow and takes aim at the target made of a large lotus leaf. Behind the figure, a group of rabbit teammates look on with excitement, while the frogs seem dismayed at the rabbit’s apparent skill. The next scene depicts rabbits, frogs and a fox dressed in robes bringing storage boxes out towards
Toba Sōjō
Kozan-ji Makimono: Scroll with Animal Caricatures (Hares and Frogs) [facsimile]
1935 – 1945
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker

Giuseppe Bison
Design for a Painted Wall and Adjoining Ceiling Decoration with Alternative Sugg
1800 – 1832
Museum Purchase

Thomas Eakins
Small Horse--Skeleton
Gift of Wilfred B. Shaw
Two figures, Anjana and a bull are depicted centrally in the image. The background is very simple with some grass tufts and a pond near the very bottom of the images. Near the top of the image in the background there some trees and sky are visible.
Artist Unknown, India, Rajasthan, Jaipur School
Iconography Series: Brisha
1835 – 1845
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink

Minnie Black
Yellow Critter
1960 – 1996
Gift of The Daniel and Harriet Fusfeld Folk Art Collection

Fred Alten
Black Fox
1912 – 1945
Gift of The Daniel and Harriet Fusfeld Folk Art Collection

Rosa Bonheur
Head of a Dog
Gift of Mr. Jean A. Wetmore
Square cosmetic box with a painted floral design and lid painted with a man on a horse.
Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Square Rouge Box with Lid, One of a Pair
1900 – 1932
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Millard H. Pryor
Two cubs lay beneath their mother, whose back is to the viewer, yet curves her head around to face outwards.  Her eyes are golden, and look out towards the viewer.  One cub looks up at its mother with closed eyes.  The mother's white whiskers stand out against the otherwise warm, golden tones of the painting.
Konoshima Ōkoku
Tigress and Cubs
1900 – 1949
Museum purchase made possible by a gift from Helmut Stern
The half-length figure of a woman looks directly out of the painting and holds the bearded head of a man on a platter in her hands. She wears a fine robe with large white sleeves and collar, a soft hat with a small white feather, and a bejeweled pin on her left shoulder. The face of an older woman with deeply wrinkled skin appears in the shadows behind her.
Gaspare Traversi
Judith with the Head of Holofernes
1755 – 1765
Gift of the Friends of the Museum of Art in Honor of the Museum's Fiftieth Anniversary