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A single grain silo next to train tracks.
Michael Rubin
Lowering Skies, Roscoe, Nebraska
Gift of Margaret and Howard Bond
Two farmers standing next to a large tractor, one in overalls with his hands behind his back, the other in a dark jacket with his hands in his pockets.
D. James Galbraith
Farmers, Michigan
1985 – 1995
Gift from the D. James Galbraith Family
A large crowd in the foreground gesture towards a group of figures seen in the doorway of a building in the distance at center. The figures in the distance, many holding lances, look at a standing semi-nude man framed in the doorway. Other figures look out of windows onto this open courtyard where the figures have congregated. The crowd in the foreground include a figure at the left holding a tall cross and another figures at the right, standing in shadow with a raised hand.
Jacques Callot (French (culture or style))
'La Grande passion.' (Ecce Homo--Christ Shown to the People) La Presentation au
Museum Purchase
A young girl seated on a wooden porch, hands up to her neck.
Dorothea Lange
The Eight-Year Old Daughter of a Tobacco Farmer
1939 – 1990
Gift from the Collection of David S. Rosen MD, MPH Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division Reproduction # (407697 - LCUSF34 - 17918
A group of girls standing next to the corner of a house. One is covering her face with her hand.
Russell Lee
Daughters of a Farmer at a School near the FSA Project
1938 – 1990
Gift from the Collection of David S. Rosen MD, MPH Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division Reproduction # (318116 - LC-USF33 - 11605 – MB)
Circular mask with a round face in the center and a circular superstructrure. The eyes are cresent-shaped and the forehead and outer edge of the face are raised. The edge of the mask is decorated with alternating semi-circles in yellow and black pigment. The face of the mask is yellow with a dark marquise shaped mark in the center of the forehead. Above the central face is an open circle intersected by a vertical bar decorated with a spiral design. At the very top of the circle is a diamond-shaped projection. 
Eket;Ibibio (Ibibio)
1900 – 1983
Gift of Dale E. Rice
A series of architectural spaces unfold, each showing figures engaged in some activity.  At right, the largest figure is shown seated looking upwards towards a light source.  The same figure, somewhat smaller, walks from right to left towards  a small architectural space at the left where the same figure lays a hand on the head of a kneeling woman.  Other scenes continue into the distance.
Marten van Heemskerck
St. Peter Baptising at Jerusalem
1568 – 1578
Museum Purchase
Two women working in a field. There are large coverings over the field in rows.
Takis (Dimitris) Tloupas
Untitled (Two Women in a Field)
Gift of Margaret and Howard Bond
Two men and a dog. The dog has a paw on the one man's leg while he is petting it. The other man is standing with his elbow leaning on a mailbox.
D. James Galbraith
Hartland: Change in the Heart of America
Gift from the D. James Galbraith Family
The sketch for a church is presented with the view towards the door.  The church has a portico entrance with columns and and pediment.  Above that his a high glazed drum supporting the dome.  Atop the dome is a lantern and cross.  At the ends of the entableture are sculptures of standing figures.  The sides of the stucture appear to be quite shallow, suggesting that the church is a short-armed Greek cross or even round in plan.
Giuseppe Barberi
Elevation of a Small Domed Church
1777 – 1784
Museum Purchase
Trees and bushes surround a horse and cart in the foreground while a harvester works in a field in the distance. 
Dmitri Baltermants (Russian (culture or style))
Horse, Buggy and Harvester
1939 – 1990
Gift of Thomas Wilson '79 and Jill Garling '80
A line of men in workers' garb raise machetes with joyous expressions on their faces.  
Dmitri Baltermants (Russian (culture or style))
Sugarcane Workers with Machetes Raised, Cuba
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. James Agah, Class of 1989 (BBA)
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