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Two large panels painted red panels of aluminum, situated against one another so that the seam is visible at center. A line of white runs along each panel's outer edge.
Dorothea Rockburne
Fire Engine Red
Gift of the Lannan Foundation in Honor of the Pelham Family
Acrylic paint on canvas with collage elements, including a wooden protusion on the right side, the left side painted to look like canvas, and a clear, thicker medium on the right side of the piece creating a multi-textural appearance. 
Fabian Marcaccio (Argentine)
1993 – 1994
Gift of Leonard Rosenberg
This is a square painting with skinny vertical lines of purple on a background of orange. There are two square forms in the center, each wth a diagonal line from the lower left to upper right corners. One square is created by a pinkish, purple line and the the other is created by a reddish orange line.
Julian Stanczak (American (North American))
Shift, Warm
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Julian Stanczak
A vast surface of orange yields in the very bottom of the painting to a swath of yellow, under which there is a line of white and green, and under that a thin black line.
Helen Frankenthaler (American (North American))
Sunset Corner
Museum Purchase
A long, low rectangular with a painted band of green extends around the rectangle at floor level. The upper half is painted off-white. About three fourths of the length is uniform. The other quarter, at the viewer's right, has several features: two depressed areas, and two raised areas, which are painted in a brighter white.
Anne Truitt (American (North American))
Gift of Mrs. H. Gates Lloyd
A framework three-dimensional cube sits at an angle so that one of its corners appears to protrude from the center of the piece. The cube is gray, with dark gray shading on the shadowed edges, and dark and light yellow shading on the lit edges. The canvas is cut to the dimensions of the cube.
Alvin D. Loving
Untitled Cube
Museum Purchase