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This dark green flat-rimmed bowl comes from the 13th century Iran and is decorated with abstract and painted designs. The interior features a floral design with buds, white the exterior has highly conventionalized inscribed bands and some floral elements.<br />
Iranian (Iranian)
Flat-rimmed Bowl with painted abstract design
13th century
Museum Purchase
A 14th century Mongol period pharmacy jar from the Sultanabad region. The albarello is a contracted cylinder with a converging neck and has a conventionalized inscription with a stag and gazelle design. Floral designs fill the space while the lower body is fluted. All the decorative patterns were done in low relief. Paste is a light tan "Islamic II", while the glaze is glossy with fine crackle. The object was fired upright. Colors include heavy iridescent patina, gray-green, light grayish-white ground and light purplish gray. The object has been restored. 
Iranian (Iranian)
Albarello (Pharmacy Jar)
14th century
Museum purchase
This fragment of a Mongol Islamic bowl comes from 14th century Iran. The side design features a kneeling person with a bottle, while the side panels have leopards and floral decoration. <br />
Colors included are cobalt, turquoise, green, and dark geen-gray on a cream-tan ground. The fragment is about one-third of the original bowl.<br /><br /><br /><br />
Iranian (Iranian)
Bowl Fragment with Figural Designs
14th century
Museum Purchase
This glazed ceramic bowl with circular shape is typical of the Kashan style ceramicware from Iran. The interior features green foliage patterns, and a turquoise blue spotted donkey amidst blossoms within a blue medallion. The medallion has blue, turquoise blue, and green striped patterns. The exterior has blue and green floriated pseudo-Kufic designs<br /><br />
Iranian (Iranian)
Bowl with striped and arabesque designs
14th century
Transfer from the College of Architecture and Design