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This wooden chair has two squatting figures decorating the finials; one is elderly, bearded, and scarified, while the other is fresh-faced and young. At the lower left rung, two men carry a slit drum; between the caryatid figures supporting the chair’s front legs appear three men; the central slat has incised diagonal patterns called fuliko. At the center, what is possibly a pointy-nosed European’s face replaces the more habitual chikungu masker.
Chokwe (Chokwe (culture or style))
1900 – 1925
Gift of Robert B. Jacobs
This abstract composition consists of small rectangles in tan, olive green, and dark brown, all vertically oriented and randomly spaced apart. Thin lines of the same colors also criss cross over the paper. The rectangles and lines are layered over an all grey background that stops before the edge of the composition, revealing the tan paper. A grid disappears under the paint but is visible on the edges of the paper.
Vieira Silva (French (culture or style))
The Town
Museum Purchase